Fun fact: About 99% of the body’s calcium is contained in the skeleton.

  • Helps to build and protect bones and teeth.

  • Plays a role in hormone secretion and enzyme activation.

  • Maintains healthy blood pressure.

  • Aids in relaxation.

  • Helps to regulate muscle contractions.

  • Has a alkalinisation effect in the acid-base balance, along with potassium, sodium and magnesium.

  • Stimulates the production of inulin. Inulin supports the growth of a special kind of bacteria that are associated with improving bowel functions.

  • Strengthens the body's defences.


Check out Macro-nutrients & Micro-nutrients for RNI (Reference Nutrient Intake).

Calcium is a macro-nutrient.


% stated in this list are based on 1000mg daily intake. UK recommendations state 700mg of Calcium for 18+ year olds so your daily percentage will be higher than stated for adults.


Or-ways products that contain Calcium

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% used are based on 19+ year old requirments

mg = milligrams

mcg = micrograms

Dried Fruits

Elderberries (100g = 38mg 4% RNI)

Figs (100g = 162mg 16% RNI)

Medjool Dates (100g = 64mg 6% RNI)

Prunes (100g = 43mg 4% RNI)


All herbs on the list below contain small amounts of calcium, other sources needed to reach daily intake goal.


Chamomile (Available soon)

Dandelion leaf

Dandelion root

Dill (Available soon)


Raspberry leaf (Available soon)


Amaranth (100g cooked = 47mg 5% RNI)

Teff (100g cooked = 49mg 5% RNI)


Almonds (100g = 269mg 27% RNI)

Brazil nuts (100g = 160mg 16% RNI)

Walnuts (100g = 98mg 10% RNI)


Pulses (Cooked)

Chickpeas (100g = 49mg 5% RNI)

Beluga Lentils (100g = 19mg 1% RNI)

Brown Lentils (100g = 19mg 1% RNI)

Green lentils (100g = 19mg 1% RNI)

Red Lentils (100g = 19mg 1% RNI)


Superfood Powders

Baobab (100g = 339mg 42% RNI)

Cayenne Pepper (100g = 148mg 15% RNI)

Hemp protein (100g = 142mg 17% RNI)

Kelp (100g = 1600mg 200% RNI)

Black Maca (100g = 258mg 32% RNI)

Maca (100g = 258mg 32% RNI)

Red Maca (100g = 258mg 32% RNI)



Chia seeds (100g = 631mg 63% RNI)

Hemp seeds (100g = 61.67mg 6% RNI)

Black Sesame seeds (100g = 975mg 98% RNI)

White Sesame seeds (100g = 975mg 98% RNI)


Other good sources of Calcium

Blackberries, Raspberries, Turnip greens, Kale, Seeds, Hemp, oats, edamame & kidney beans, broccoli, mustard greens.

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