Fun fact: People who have dark hair should use more products containing copper, compared to those with blond hair. Copper is needed to maintain the natural colour of dark hair.


  • Copper is one of the most important elements for the human body, essential for the brain, bones, blood, kidneys, liver and muscles.

  • Plays a key role in the construction of virtually all proteins and enzymes.

  • Helps to regulate the immune system.

  • Normalizes the central nervous system.

  • Regulates the growth and development of cells and tissues.

  • Prevents premature skin aging.


Check out Macro-nutrients & Micro-nutrients for RNI (Reference Nutrient Intake).

Copper is a micro-nutrient.


Or-ways products that contain Copper

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% used are based on 19+ year old requirments

mg = milligrams

mcg = micrograms

Dried Fruits

Elderberries  (100g = 0.06mg 3% RNI)

Figs  (100g = 0.3mg 25% RNI)

Medjool Dates (100g = 0.4mg 18% RNI)

Prunes (100g = 0.3mg 14% RNI)



All herbs on the list contain small amounts of Copper, other sources are needed to reach your daily intake goal. 

Dandelion leaf

Dandelion root

Nettles (Available soon)



Amaranth (100g = 0.1mg 7% RNI)

     Teff  (100g cooked = 0.226mg 11% RNI)

Black Quinoa (100g cooked = 0.2mg 10% RNI)

Red Quinoa  (100g cooked = 0.2mg 10% RNI)

White Quinoa  (100g cooked = 0.2mg 10% RNI)



Almonds (100g = 1.743mg 87% RNI)

Brazil nuts (100g = 1.743mg 87% RNI)

Walnuts (100g = 1.586mg 79% RNI)


Superfood Powders

Cayenne Pepper (100g = 0.4mg 19% RNI)

Hemp protein (100g = 0.74mg 74% RNI)

Black Maca (100g = 6mg 600% RNI)

Maca  (100g = 6mg 600% RNI)

Red Maca (100g = 6mg 600% RNI)


Pulses (Cooked)

Chickpeas (100g = 0.352mg 18% RNI)

Beluga Lentils (100g = 0.50mg 60% RNI)

Brown Lentils (100g = 0.30mg 35% RNI)

Green lentils  (100g = 0.50mg 60% RNI)

Red Lentils  (100g = 0.50mg 60% RNI)



Chia seeds (100g = 0.924mg 80% RNI)

Hemp seeds (100g = 0.5mg 45% RNI)

Black Sesame seeds  (100g = 4.1mg 340% RNI)

White Sesame seeds   (100g = 4.1mg 340% RNI)

Other good sources of Copper

Asparagus, Cashews, Grapes, Summer squash, Winter squash, Olives, Spinach, Mushrooms, Turnip greens, Kale, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Sweet potatoes, Tomatoes, Kiwi, Basil, Cabbage, Sea vegetables, Romaine lettuce, Raspberries, Pineapples.

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