Fun facts: Phosphorus is involved in virtually all chemical and physiological reactions of the body.


• Phosphorus is used for energy production and is involved in almost every reaction in the body.

• Along with calcium and magnesium phosphorus supports bone structure.

• Phosphorus is an important part of the DNA and RNA involved in protein synthesis.

• Important in the regulation of mental activity.

• Gives strength to bones and teeth.

• Helps release energy from food.

Check out Macro-nutrients & Micro-nutrients for RNI (Reference Nutrient Intake). 

Phosphorus is a macro-nutrient.


Or-ways products that contain Phosphorus

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% used are based on 19+ year old requirments


mcg= micrograms

Dried fruit

Elderberries (100g = 39mg 8% RDA)

Figs (100g = 67mg 14% DV)

Medjool Dates (100g = 62mg 12% DV)

Prunes (100g = 69mg 14% DV)




Chickweed (Available soon)

Dandelion leaf


Raspberry leaf (Available soon)



Amaranth (100g cooked = 148mg 25% DV)

Teff (100g cooked = 120mg 22% DV)

Black Quinoa (100g cooked = 152mg 30%)

Red Quinoa (100g cooked = 152mg 30%)

White Quinoa (100g cooked = 152mg 30%)



Almonds (100g = 481mg 90% DV)

Brazil nuts (100g = 725mg 150% DV)

Walnuts (100g = 346mg 62% DV)



Chickpeas cooked (100g = 168mg 28% DV)

Beluga Lentils (100g = 451mg 90% DV)

Brown Lentils (100g = 180mg 32% DV)

Green lentils (100g = 451mg 90% DV)

Red Lentils (100g = 451mg 90% DV)


Superfood Powders

Cayenne Pepper (100g = 293mg 60% RDA)

Hemp protein (100g = 1540mg 280% RDA)

Irish moss (Available soon)

Liquorice (Available soon)

Yellow dock (Available soon)



Chia seeds (100g = 860mg 160% DV)

Hemp seeds (100g = 1160mg 202% DV)

Black Sesame seeds (100g = 629mg 108% DV)

White Sesame seeds (100g = 629mg 108% DV)

Other good sources of Phosphorus

Pumpkin Seeds, lentils, Chlorella, spirulina, sunflower seeds, most nuts & seeds, whole grains, millet, wild rice, oat bran, pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, tahini, pine nuts, flax seeds, poppy seeds.