Fun fact: Potassium is present in every tissue in the body! It’s required for normal cell functionality.


• Around 90% of digested potassium is absorbed and used to maintain normal intracellular and extracellular (presents inside and outside cells) concentrations.

• Helps to regulate fluids and mineral balance in and out of cells.

• Potassium helps maintain normal blood pressure by slowing the effect of sodium.

• Aids in muscle contractions.

• Potassium helps the body to put the proteins you eat to work, to build cells, bones and muscles.

• Essential for kidney regulation. This affects the regulation of fluid balance throughout the body.

• Plays an important role in brain and nerve function and metabolic pathways. (Metabolism functions).

Check out Macro-nutrients & Micro-nutrients for RNI (Reference Nutrient Intake). 

Potassium is a macro-nutrient.


Or-ways products that contain Potassium

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% used are based on 19+ year old requirments

mg = milligrams

mcg = micrograms



Potassium ( % based on 3500mg RNI)

Dried fruit

Elderberries (100g = 280mg 6% RNI)

Figs (100g = 680mg 19% RNI)

Golden berries (100g = 1200mg 34% RNI)

Medjool Dates (100g = 696mg 19% RNI)

Prunes (100g = 732mg 21% RNI)




Chamomile (Available soon)

Dandelion leaf

Dandelion root

Eyebright (Available soon)

Mullien (Available soon)

Nettles (Available soon)


Raspberry leaf (Available soon)



Amaranth (100g cooked = 135mg 4% RNI)

Teff (100g cooked = 107mg 2% RNI)

Black Quinoa (100g cooked = 172mg 5% RNI)

Red Quinoa (100g cooked = 172mg 5% RNI)

White Quinoa (100g cooked = 172mg 5% RNI)



Almonds (100g = 733mg 16% RNI)

Brazil nuts (100g = 659mg 14% RNI)

Walnuts (100g = 441mg 9% RNI)


Pulses (Cooked)

Chickpeas  (100g = 291mg 12% RNI)

Beluga Lentils (100g = 955mg 30% RNI)

Brown Lentils (100g = 369mg 9% RNI )

Green lentils (100g = 955mg 30% RNI)

Red Lentils (100g = 955mg 30% RNI)

Superfood powder

Baobab (100g = 1980mg 45% RNI)

Cayenne Pepper (100g = 2014mg 58% RNI)

Black Maca (100g = 2050mg 60% RNI)

Maca (100g = 2050mg 60% RNI)

Red Maca (100g = 2050mg 60% RNI)



Chia seeds (100g = 407mg 9% RNI)

Hemp seeds (100g = 859mg 16% RNI)

Black Sesame seeds (100g = 468mg 9% RNI)

White Sesame seeds. (100g = 468mg 9% RNI)

Other good sources of  Potassium

white beans, prunes, raisins, tomatoes, squash, dark leafy greens, baked potatoes, dried apricots, acorn squash, avocados, mushrooms, nuts, and bananas.

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