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All of our products are certified organic GB-04-ORG.


Adansonia Digitata “The Baobab tree” originates from Africa. Also known as “The tree of life” it is highly respected for its many uses. The fruit from the tree which makes our Baobab powder is revered for its nutritional content. It is known to have more antioxidants than any other whole fruit! The Baobab tree is millions of years old. The fruit is mainly produced from wild harvests as opposed to being commercially cultivated.

Baobab Powder

  • •    1-3 tsp (3-9g) of Baobab powder can be added to smoothies, juices or teas.    
    •    It can also be used in cooking, add it to soups, stews or baked goods.
    •    You can make Baobab powder into a paste and add it to fruit salads. Just add 2-4 tsp (6-12g) of Baobab to ½ a cup (125 ml) of water, mix into a paste.