Chlorella is a type of single cell algae which has been around as long as the earth! Our Chlorella Powder is the cracked cell wall variety which makes its easier to absorb the nutrients it contains. There is more than 20 species of this seaweed.

Due to the tiny size of the algae it was not until the microscope was invented after the 19th century that Chlorella was first discovered. It was discovered by the Dutch microbiologist, Dr. Beijerinck, in 1890, who named it Chlorella. Chlorella has a high content of nucleic acid which is the building blocks for our DNA and RNA. Chlorella is also known as a complete protein due to having all the essential amino acids.

Chlorella Powder

  • • 2-4 tsp (6-12g) of Chlorella powder can be added to smoothies, juices or     teas

    • It can also be used in cooking, add it to soups, stews or pulses.

    • Chlorella powder can also be added to salads, experiment and see what       works for you!

  • Energy kcals                  343

    Energy kj                      1448

    Total Fat                        7.8g

      Of which saturates  -   3.1g 

    Carbohydrates              6.9g

      Of which sugars          1.6g

    Protein                        61.3g

    Fibre                           16.1g

    Salt                            0.8mg