Mulberry is a deciduous tree (tree that sheds its leaves annually) that belongs

to the fig family. Native to warm regions of Asia, Africa and the Americas, they

can also be found in subtropical and temperate parts of the world. Mulberry can

produce male and female flowers on the same plant (monoecious plant) or on 

the separate trees (dioecious plant). Some types of mulberry are able to produce

fruit without pollination. The fruit of the mulberry tree is a rich source of vitamins A, C, E and K and essential minerals such as iron, magnesium and potassium. In Ancient Rome the leaves of the white mulberry tree were used in the treatment of diseases of the mouth, trachea and lungs. Red mulberry trees can survive up to 75 years, while black mulberry trees can live and produce fruit for hundreds of years! 

Mulberries (White)

  • * Mullberries can be eaten as a tasty snack.

    * You can also add them to fruit salads, desserts and savoury dishes.

    * They can b eused as a natural sweetener in food and smoothies.

    * A delicious addition to many dishes, have fun and experiment.

  • Energy kcals                   359

    Energy kj                       1503

    Total Fat                         2.9g

      Of which saturates -     0.5g  

    Carbohydrates              76.7g

      Of which sugars          72.5g

    Protein                            3.5g

    Fibre                                5.9g 

    Salt                                  7mg

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