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Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a root vegetable that originates from the highlands of the Andes Mountain in Peru, grown near the Lake Junin region. This special crop was traded throughout the ancient Incan Empire. Maca roots come in a range of colours including shades of gold, cream, red, purple and black.

Red Maca Powder

  • •    1-3 tsp of Maca can be added to smoothies or juices.    
    •    It can also be used in cooking, add it to pulses, stews or baked goods.
    •    You can make a Maca smoothie with a base of nuts and/or seeds.
    •    Blend the nuts and/or seeds then add water, hot or cold. Add 2 tsp of Maca and sweeten with dates or natural sweeteners, we do not recommend sugar.