Sukkari Dates aka Sukkary Dates are a deliciously succulent medium sized golden

date. There crisp but soft texture and distinctive sweet taste is why they are 

considered one of the top quality dates on the market. The name Sukkari derives 

from the Arabic word “Sukkari” which translates to sugary or sweet. 

Sukkari Dates are known as the “Queen of Dates!” These dates are cultivated in 

the Al Qaseem region of Saudi Arabia. Due to there nutritious properties they are 

known also as a healing food, great for things like reducing fatigue because of there high energy content. Check out the other treats in the Or-Ways dried fruit range! 

Sukkari Dates

  • * Sukkari dates ca be eaten as a tasty snack.

    * You can also add them to fruit salads, desserts and savoury dishes.

    * They can b eused as a natural sweetener in food and smoothies.

    * A delicious addition to many dishes, have fun and experiment.

  • Energy kcals                   282

    Energy kj                       1179

    Total Fat                         1.0g

      Of which saturates -TRACE 

    Carbohydrates              62.0g

      Of which sugars             52g

    Protein                               2g

    Fibre                               5.0g

    Salt                                 1mg