Wild Rice isn’t actually rice! it is a wild aquatic grass, its closest relatives are other cereals such as corn, wheat, barley and even bamboo. It’s the only grain native to North America. Many Wild Rice producers still use the traditional method of harvesting, two people travel by a canoe out into the water where the rice is ready to harvest.

The “poler” sits in the back and  The “knocker” stands up in the middle of the boat and uses a stick to bend the sometimes as big as 10 ft tall Wild Rice stalks over the boat.

Wild rice

  • Wild rice can be cooked and used as a grain.

    It can also be soaked and added to salads or raw dishes.

    To soak leave in water for 12-24 hours until soft and swelled.

    1. Rinse before use. Use a ratio of 1 cup (195g) of Wild rice to 3 cups of water (750ml)

    2. Add Wild rice and water to a pot.

    3. Brign to a boil, reduce heat, cover then leave to simmer for 40-50 mins.

    4. Try adding your favourite Or-ways herbs and sea salt for extra flavour.

  • Energy kcals                 357

    Energy kj                      149

    Total Fat                      1.1g

      Of which saturates    0.2g 

    Carbohydrates          74.9g

      Of which sugars        2.5g

    Protein                      14.7g

    Fibre                           6.2g

    Salt                          7.0mg