Fun fact: In the past selenium was considered a poisonous substance! In the 20th century, with the progression in science the attitude to the mineral has been revised. It was found that preparations containing selenium have a therapeutic effect on the body.


•  Selenium is known as an antioxidant that reduces the damage of free radicle oxidative stress on the body.

• Selenium plays a role in the production of tyrosine, which is essential for heart and brain function and also melanin creation.

• An important part of vitamin E absorption.

• Involved in the synthesis of thyroid gland hormones that regulate metabolism.

• It has a anti-cancer effect and accelerates healing inn the body.

• Promotes proper cell growth and strengthens the immune system.

Check out Macro-nutrients & Micro-nutrients for RNI (Reference Nutrient Intake). 

Selenium is a macro-nutrient.


Or-ways products that contain Selenium

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% used are based on 19+ year old requirments

mg = milligrams

mcg = micrograms


Amaranth (100g cooked = 5.5mcg 8% RNI)

Black Quinoa (100g cooked = 2.8mcg 4% RNI)

Red Quinoa (100g cooked = 2.8mcg 4% RNI)

White Quinoa (100g cooked = 2.8mg 4% RNI)



Almonds (100g = 4.1mcg 6% RNI)

Brazil nuts (100g = 1917mcg 2739% RNI)

Walnuts (100g = 4.9mcg 7% RNI)


Pulses (Cooked)

Chickpeas (100g = 3.7mcg 5% RNI)

Beluga Lentils (100g = 10mcg 14% RNI)

Green lentils (100g = 10mcg 14% RNI)

Red Lentils (100g = 10mcg 14% RNI)

Superfood powders

Bladderwrack (Available soon)

Cayenne Pepper (100g = 8.8mcg 13% RNI)

Irish moss (Available soon)

Kelp (100g = 50mcg 91% RNI)



Chia seeds (100g = 55.2mcg 79% RNI)

Black Sesame seeds (100g = 5.7mcg 8% RNI)

White Sesame seeds. (100g = 5.7mcg 8% RNI)

Other good sources of Selenium

Sunflower seeds, Cashew nuts, Pecan nuts, Mushrooms, Wholemeal bread, Wholemeal spaghetti, Red kidney beans, Mung beans, Brown rice, Broccoli, Cabbage, Spinach, Lima/Pinto Beans.

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